Riley SightRight Range

Riley SightRight Cue Range 
The first cue range with built-in sighting & alignment technology. 
Top sports professionals have been trained in SightRight methods for over 15 years, and now the proven scientific methods are available for all. 
Inventor Steve Feeney has joined with Riley England to create this cutting edge range of snooker cues that can really enhance your game - no matter what level you play to. 
Supported by the world’s first interactive cue sports training App, the SightRight App and Riley SightRight cue combined, will teach you the very simple techniques involved to improve your game, and also provide specific practice routines to help hone your new skills.

好些頂尖的專業球手都有使用 SightRight 方法受訓超過15年,現在亦証實此等有系統的方法適用於所有人。
研發者 Steve Feeney 加入了 Riley England 開發了此等尖端球杆系列,好讓用家能真正加強能力 – 無論你是屬於那一種程度,都可以用世界首創的全球互動球杆運動App,將 SightRight App 和 Riley SightRight cue 組合,將會教你其中簡單的技巧去改進你的打法,亦會提供特定的恆常練習去幫助你磨練新的技巧。





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