Mention the name “Riley” to anyone with a passing knowledge of snooker and the recognition is immediate. Riley stands for everything that other companies envy yet admire. For the tradition that comes with over a century at the forefront of the game; for the commitment to craftsmanship in every detail that the players can see – as well as all those that they can’t; and for the passion for innovation, without which tradition is merely an excuse for looking backwards – not forwards in expectation of even greater things to come.

The Aristocrat Tournament Champion is the flagship of the Riley range and probably the finest snooker table available in the world today. There is no other snooker table that offers the professional tournament experience as closely. It is immediately recognisable – the iconic silver design as seen in televised Ranking Tournaments all over the world until 2009. Modern, yet traditional, the table oozes quality and style. Since 1992, 8 different World Champions have been crowned on Riley tables, including greats of the game like Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins.A snooker table is a thing of beauty, built by craftsmen, engineered to a standard envied by many imitated by few. No other company can produce a hand crafted table to the same exacting standard.Sometimes in life we demand the best no matter what the cost. Some would call our approach arrogant. We prefer prestigious quality.


The Aristocrat is engineered and built to the same exacting standards as the Aristocrat Tournament Champion.? The obvious difference is the traditional style, dark stained mahogany throughout opposed to the Tournament Champion which is the distinctive mahogany and silver mix providing a more contemporary styling. The Aristocrat Champion is provided with club cut slate and pockets as opposed to the tournament specification of the Tournament Champion – a little more forgiving for the casual player.


The Riley Club was created to reproduce the key elements for which Riley tables, past and present, are world renowned.
Made in England, the Riley Club combines ?tradition with contemporary styling, delivering a new generation of table that will fit into any environment.
Designed with the club market in mind, Riley have created a look and style that will enhance any club or indeed grace any billiard room, where budget is more of a focus.
We manufacture this table in England, using the production methods that we have developed continuously over more than 100 years. Attention to detail, quality, precision - the trademarks of an English made Riley table and now available at prices to suit everybody.


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