Gold Crown IV


Brunswick’s Gold Crown IV is designed for those who demand the best in both the game and the table. Available in eight-foot pro and nine-foot sizes with either gully or drop pockets, only the Gold Crown IVR has the largest capacity drop pockets in the industry; each can comfortably hold up to ten balls. Color options include mahogany with antique bronze trim or nicle trim, matte black with chrome or nickel trim, and poly black with chrome trim. The best tables for your best game, Brunswick tables are backed by a Lifetime Ownership Warranty.

A matching wall cue rack is available.


Brunswick’s patented
Quick Set Footplates for quick and easy leveling.

Larger pockets - 30% more volume than Gold Crown IIIR

Flush rail castings and pockets

Attractive corner castings

Brunswick’s exclusive SuperSpeed Cushions are recognized the world over for superior rebound, accuracy and consistency.

Each base frame component is numbered after the complete unit is assembled, planed to precise flatness, and disassembled at the factory. The base frame is also stained and sealed to minimize wood movement.

Brunswick’s patented twenty-two slate levelers built into the base frame, replace the need for conventional shimming.

The innovative High Performance Nut Plate secures the slate, rails and cushions together for absolute stability.