The Brunswick Metro combines the styling of a home table with durable commercial table components. Featuring a contemporary design with the craftsmanship and world-renowned playability that Brunswick is legendary for, the Metro will be at home in a billiards club or your private game room.

An independent test* confirmed what billiard players have known for decades about the consistency of Brunswick SuperSpeedR cushions. In the test, a mechanical device made the exact same 3-cushion bank shot 41 times against Brunswick and competitive cushions. The variance of the track of the ball was measured and the consistency calculated and compared.

The track of the ball rebounding off Brunswick SuperSpeedR cushions was 40% more consistent than that of a leading competitor.

Brunswick SuperSpeedR cushions equation for success:

Larger Rubber Cushion + Canvas Vulcanized to Rubber + Automated Precision Mounting to Rail = True Shot


Sizes:9 ft

Finishes Available :Black

Leg Options:As shown

Rail Sights:
Round black pearlized on maple table
Base Frame Construction:
Interior Style
Made from superior engineered wood material for commercial application
Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base

Additional Features:
Foot levelers for quick and easy leveling
Large capacity drop pockets hold up to 10 balls per pocket

Brunswick standard features include:
SuperSpeed Cushions
Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
High Performance Nut Plate Construction